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This website is dedicated to the Immaculata and to the Militia Immaculatae of the Traditional Observance.

It exists to offer books about the Immaculata and Fatima via the Booklist button above, and to publicise the Militia Immaculatae.

The Militia Immaculatae consists of Traditional Catholics around the world who have become Knights of the Militia by a simple enrolment ceremony, having consecrated themselves to the Immaculata beforehand.  They are the channels through which the Immaculata conveys her graces.

The objectives of the Militia Immaculatae are to win souls for Christ through Mary and to assist with the growth of this apostolate.

There are no fees or subscriptions to pay and no regular meetings to attend. More information can be obtained from the Great Britain & Scandinavia menu button above, and a detailed account of books, booklets and leaflets and other sacramentals can be found on the adjacent Asia District menu button.

To enrol in the Militia Immaculatae please email the District Co-ordinator at mi@fsspx.uk.